Maria ~ Accept

Last night, I throw my logic mind to the wind and bought this contract for this really intriguing website. As I started to fill out my name and read through each paragraph I felt as this unbearable weight began to lift from me but it wasn’t just one but it was levels upon levels until I had this sensation of floating that I actually had to look down to see if I was still sitting on my bed.

Today, I am glad to announced that I am nearly done with my book as it’s in the final stages on review which in going to take about 48 hours. I am only grateful that I woke up early to get on and do the final touch ups for the formatting to finalized that part. I’ve even got the prize for the book down based on the number of pages. I am really excited to get the proof of the book in and sign off on by or before February 10, 2012. That is my intention.

It feels more like I am in a dream then in my daytime reality as I reach further to my intention of getting my published books. It as if I am on autopilot not in a destruction but in a up lifting, productive way. I am merely an observing whats going on form outside of myself. While I was listening to a podcast, something hit me.

I had satori moment that made me noticed that I actually envied those people who had the clarity that I wanted so badly to have, but only their clarity also their gifts. That realization open my eyes to the fact that it was that lower based emotion that was keeping me from achieving that clarity and keeping my from my own gifts. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

Spiritual Awakening



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