Amethyst Dream

I barely got any sleep last night as I was to overwhelmed with the fact that I would have to be walking to this dentist that is out in the middle of nowhere in a manner of speaking as there are no people streets to walk on. Mom and I had to walked the highway hugging the shoulder of the on coming traffic. I never wished so much that I had my driver’s license this is just more incentive to get it now.

Root Canal went remarkable well despite my nervousness, I am first time root canal it was the not knowing that got to me. The going home was a lot fast there going to the office. When I got home all I did was sleep and only just recently woke up because my cat was meowing for to me put her away from the night.

Didn’t get much done in the way of my formatting my book but I am really enjoying this break. It’s back to having fun formatting my book tomorrow. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

Awakening Message | Teachings from the Pleiadians Full


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