Saturday, 28 January 2012: Giraffe ~ Sacred Bond

I started to reformat my body as quick as time would allow in a matter of speak, I’ve gotten all the way up to chapter ten. I am planning to hoping have the majority of the formatting done by tomorrow so that way I started plugging into the format layout that I got for createspace, mom made a comment about how pale I got while doing the layout.

It was a little bit overwhelming with all the measurements and numbers but once I got the hang of it I was able to make up for lost time. Since my mom and I rented some movies today, I plan using that as my reward for get as much of the formatting a can done before tomorrow. My new glasses are working wonders for me ever since I’ve gotten on Friday, I haven’t taken them off since them unless I sleep and I always keep them in their case don’t know when I am going to get a new pair. 

Day 19: The Light of Purpose

This day of cleansing consciousness was getting a bit difficult as the deeper I go the more difficult it is for me open myself. To go deep within myself is to face the demons that have plagued me since birth and I know that I wanted be able to heal if I don’t. Those dark entities are the others that have costs me much over the years.


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