Tuesday, 20 December 2011: Kimika ~ Passions

I had an appointment today and I was working the question “Who does belong to it?” So much so that I actually became spacy a bit while in the car with older brother and mom. Mom isn’t one to sugar coat the truth and I myself get a little nervous when I get in the car with older brother. Older brother calls mom a back seat driver, I’ve learn very early on not to question older brother when his behind the wheel. laughing

I’ve began to contribute more to the groups on facebook, every time a question arises and need help with discovering new ways to question myself, I post it on the groups to see what creative ways they will respond and see which feels lighter or heavier to me. I learn today that the intense attraction I have been feeling about someone is merely the their pull of my energy. This blogs talks more about that: Attraction


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