Bonsai ~ Balance

Today I started the day phenomenal well. Even now I am having fun with the last four chapters before I send it on to my editor for the final polish. I am just determined to have fun with completing the add on for the last section this story. I’ve been making too much into work and it stopped being fun until I realized that somewhere deep within me I didn’t want to finish it.

Fears subconsciously started to stir of what if people don’t like it, book signing nerves and etc. The list could go on and on but I started to POD and POC it all now it all seem like a distant memory of silly fears that at this point don’t make any sense to me now. When you can laugh at yourself about things you were afraid of you know you have cleared it.

I know that things will come up for me again but now I have the tools to keep me moving forward with ease, joy and glory.


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