Tiger ~ Stop Rushing

Today, I decided to come home after the dental appointment and rest up. Simply enjoying being. I sat down to watch Avatar my favorite part of the movie but I plan to watch it as a whole. I spend the day expanding my infinite self as much as I could and often enough that I spent it in orbit than here on the ground. 

Yesterday live Q&A with Rikka was phenomenal even though I missed the Q&A on her playground I was able to catch the one on facebook. I got to meet so many interesting people, how does it get any better than this? What else is possible? 

I was even able to find a group all about consciousness and found more question to ask throughout the day. To help me return to that state of ‘Being’

I allowed the guidance of the Tiger to help me catch my breath and allow myself time to restore my energy to help me get back to taking action with motivation and renown vigor.


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