Interesting Start of Events

I went to work thinking that I am alright, I didn’t even beginning to perceive the discomfort until I started to do bend, heavy lifting and being pulled every direction. In the end the pain I perceive became unbearable and I can home. Took four pain killers and went to bed, I started to nod off when the door bell rang and it woke me enough to noticed that a sharp pain ran up my legs.

My package had arrived, it made me feel a whole lot better. I went through everything that I was sent from the Temple of Balance. The pictures jumped out at me when I first looked through them. I keep forgetting that they were only cards, and yet they have a life like quality to them that I found really unique.

I listen to meditation phenomenal and felt into the crystals that I have been sent. I am really looking forward to getting Lee-Ann Peters healing card deck while I am at it. What would it take for money to show up so that I may purchase the healing deck as well?

Access Consciousness

Temple of Balance


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