Healing Crisis Countdown Thirty out Thirty

Another amazing day, despite the weather and the soreness of my teeth. I went for a cleaning and the soreness of my gums made it a bit challenging to sit still under the brush that deep beneath my gums. I am happy that I am on the path to healthier and whiter teeth now. I’ve been given an additional mouth wash to help keep the gingivitis away.

Access Consciousness is simply amazing! I’ve only been doing the tips and techniques for a short time but the results are phenomenal. That’s without taking any of the classes yet but I am going to keep asking the Universe what it would take to for the money to show up in my life to take those classes, have a bars session and now to pay for my dental treatment for both my mom and I?

I continue to work on my novel little by little, I am merely waiting on my editor now with the summary and the question I sent out to here. How does it get any better than that? What else is possible?

Access Consciousness

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