Healing Crisis Countdown Twenty Six out Thirty

It’s amazing how well Access Consciousness has been working for me, how does it get any better? At work, I began to use ‘who does this belong to?’ It help to alleviate a lot of things but when pain would persisted I expand myself as I was taught in one of the videos by Rikka Z. It’s like my infinite self realized that it had space  to expand in and the pain in my knees disappeared.

I have even felt into my decision to take a bar’s class instead of a session with the same person I plan to take the session with. How does it get any better? I’ve begun to ask the Universe, what can I do to generate the perfect amount for this trip to take the bars as well as foundation class?

Day 8: The Power of Liberation

I started to process yesterday with everything I had in my journal on my laptop. Now I plan to expand it into the space of my room.


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