Healing Crisis Countdown Twenty Two out Thirty

I’ve created my first dream board today, I had fun focusing my mind of things “I like the feeling of Well-Being that comes with having the items of my dream board.” That is a bit of Abraham-Hicks there talking as I have learned a lot from reading ‘Getting Into the Vortex.’ Day six of being in my vortex.

It’s such a wonderful place to be. I am laughing a lot easier and at myself. I am more conscious of positive thoughts that come and go. It’s a lot easier to think them. I really appreciate being in my vortex. I have no words to truly describe what’s it like unless you feel it yourself. You won’t truly understand.

Day 4: The Gift of Forgiveness

Another step closer to healing and cleansing the toxic within. Everything that has been brought up so far with these past few days I have release to a higher power. It’s my allowance, willingness and receiving of this guidance that is helping me to press for with this healing session to take up the reign of my life in the purest of ways.


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