Healing Crisis Week Three Day Seven

The last day of my healing crisis week three. Today I got up early to head out to do a little shopping with mom. Only instead of finish up my week with the Well-Being meditation of being in the Vortex.

I decided to changed it to the Financial abundance meditation. During our time out when we found ourselves rushing to the bus stop there were three pennies that seriously came out of the nowhere. Two I picked up and the other was meant for mom as she was stepping on it.

Day 3: The Gift of Release

During this cleansing, I was able to release the toxins that built up with me so long. I drew a picture, in silver wrote out the size, shape, weight, and color. In black ink, I wrote out the prayer that would release it to a higher power to heal and burned it.

I felt another layer of weight lift form my shoulders. Each day since I began little but little the layers that I have surround myself in have begun to lift with the help of angels, guides, light beings everywhere that I helped me through this spiritual evolution in my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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