Healing Crisis Week Three Day Five

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I slept in today as my body has been going through a great deal of transitions lately and something told me just to stay in bed today and soak in the peace, serenity that sleep offered me before the aroma of turkey swept into my room. Last night I began to read the 21 day consciousness cleanse by Debbie Ford, it was like a the lights that has turned on two years became that much brighter.

Everything I was reading me a whole lot of sense, it’s like find that missing piece of puzzles after months of searching you are about to give up and then all of sudden it turns out of the blue.

Day 1: The Gift of Desire

Things were brought to light, that made me sit up and take noticed that issues that I thought I had put away and forgiven were still sucking me dry of the energy I needed to take action with. I feel the healing I’ve taken through this cleanse in on a much deeper level and so thorough that everything that I have swept under the carpet will be brought out so that I my see it in a different light before I ask my angels to help me heal in ease and comfort.


I am so grateful and thankful for that I am, for all that I will become, for all the people that I have meet and for all the people that I am planning on meeting along the way on this path of growth, love, learning and evolution.


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