Nov 21 Healing Crisis Week Three Day Three

I start my day EFTing my way out of bed this morning blush and it really worked out for the best. I dog sat for a couple hours but I started to wonder to myself it about three days until Thanksgiving and no turkey yet. Then I sat down and began to think back in the years how I felt about having a turkey, how it tasted practically using the Law of Attraction to help me manifest a turkey into reality.

Guess what happened? My brother pointed out to mom that we didn’t have a turkey and then he processed to ask my sister in law if she could take me to the grocery to get one. BOOM! Turkey this year! YAY! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Only today I discover much to my dismay that the ink I have bought in September didn’t fix the printer. I was feeling stupid until I decided to do surfing to see if I could find the right ink cartridges this time and I did. I realized that I have mixed up the companies last time and I was able to find the one that reassured me that they had my type of ink.


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