Healing Crisis Week Three Day Four

The EFT session today was phenomenal as I incorporated the three reason why women struggle from Denise’s webinar yesterday that I listened to before the her part two of the webinar today. She has given me a lot of food for thought and I plan on taking those exercises, adding them to my toolkit so that I can have authentic life being true to myself and speaking my own truth.

I love her frankness and boldness, that’s what I want for my own life. She inspires me with her truth of that even she is not perfect. That really resonant with me also as sometime I struggle to get out of bed. I sometime feel out of sorts. I have doubt whether I am doing what’s in my best, highest interest of myself and others. It really brought it into another light as I listened in on both of her webinars.

I am really giving a lot of considerable to what she has shared with us on the webinar and I plan to put a lot into practice.

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