Healing Crisis Week Three Day Two

I am happy to announce that the dog is very much alive, his legs was cased but otherwise that he seems to being doing pretty well. I am keeping up with my EFT sessions faithfully since my AFT session and the are really helping me out with everything that’s come up from me lately since the gateway opened up from me a couple weeks back.

I’ve been doing pretty well considering my last session my therapist has add couple new sessions and I am really looking forward to giving them a try. I want to heal as much as I can within my Akashic Records to better be able to move forward.

Now only have I decided to purge my emotions but also I’ve decided to purge the clutter from my home and my life. I am on clutter control and I am trying to get everyone in my home on the wagon to help me out to start this upcoming year fresh with new positive energies flowing into the house.


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