Healing Crisis Week Three Day One

It was a hack day today at the store, it’s difficult to keep up with everyone and make sure everything was put away in the right locations. This morning while doing my EFT tapping for pain, the abdominal pain I was feeling slow ebbed away. By the time I got to work it was gone, I realized now that it was stress manifesting itself in another form. 

I am amazed that this is the second time, that I have been reproached from doing something that I didn’t do, I would never send anything offense to anyone yet no one tried to ask me if I did. But Claire from the Financial Freedom Group on FB say and I quote, “That what other people think of you doesn’t matter so don’t even try to please people who have a problem with what you do or what they think you are doing.” 

I heard the same thing for Abraham Hicks yesterday when I was doing some research about the Vortex.


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