Healing Crisis Week Two Day Four

I received my numerology report just last night, I spent more of the early morning reading it until I started to drift off. Even though I was tried I didn’t want to put it down like a good book that keep you turning the page to see what happens, that how this report was. I ended up printing out 152 pages worth of in depth information about me and what to expect in the up coming years.

It’s nice to have a guideline of what to expect or what to do each day. Only it does tell you what to do, it’s only key words for each day that helps you decided that what you could do for that day.

It really helps me intuitive wise to help choose what would most benefit me each day. I’ve taken the necessary action to finish up the two chapters that I’ve been wanting to do since last week and I am really looking forward to see how much I can do today. There a couple of things I need to pan on with chapter 24 since the vibration of the book itself has changed. So there are some section that need to blend into the new vibrations I am adapting to now.

I’ve started to picking up EFT with a vigor that is almost unearthly. I really want to move forward at a steady pace so that I can achieve many things before I turn sixty. I am working on being more tactful and having a gentle diplomacy to help me move forward in this life. I have the necessary skills I discovered from reading my report that will really help me when I go off on my own to become my own boss.

Everywhere I turn I am receiving such wonderful, positive support that helps to keep me going on this journey of growth, knowledge and improvement.


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