Healing Crisis Week Two Day Two

It was an incredible slow day, I really think it’s taking sometime to adjust to the daylight savings. I was looking through people I have meet in the past and I am surprise at some of bitter emotions that have come up for me. I realize that I am still working on letting the issues go between me and them. I am asking the angels to help me heal this past issues that I may move forward towards my bright future.

I am still in the restless stages now in this healing crisis, I am finding it easier to smile though. I feel that when I do it makes people’s day better somehow, when they work into the store there aren’t the same when they walk out. I am more in observe mode than in judgement mode. It makes things a whole lot simply for me occasion I’ll find myself drifting into the judgmental but I find that my self awareness help to bring me back to the reptilian state of mind.


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