Healing Crisis Week One Day Four

I’ve begun searching for another job as of yesterday I am making an outline as you will of what I am looking for in this job. I’ve gone as far as applying for a warehouse for gift wrapping in Allentown. I haven’t heard anything yet but I plan to keep looking while I am working on my writing project. I am so grateful for my AFTherapist helping me out and healing what’s keeping me from experiencing true abundance in this life. I am really looking forward to what I am going to make happen on this journey.

“To change your reality, simply stop thinking like that.” ~ Conversations with God- Neale Donald Walsch

FENG SHUI lovers! Tips for Wealth~ (note: the Wealth area of your house is located in the far back left-hand corner of your home, bedroom, office, or any other place you spend time. The colour associated with it is purple and the corresponding number is 4).

  • Place 4 pieces of Amethyst in your Wealth corner (you can also use Jade or Citrine, or even better – 4 of each!)
  • Place 3 i-ching coins tied together with a red ribbon in your purse and hanging to the back of the front door handle
  • Any basket of fresh fruit or flowers on the kitchen or dining room table
  • Place a fountain of moving water in the Wealth corner of your home or office – no moving water in the bedroom. Place 4 amethyst in the water fountain for extra luck
  • Place a jade, bamboo (with 4 stalks) or money plant in the Wealth corner
  • Add 3 plants to your kitchen (Rosemary is best but any plants will do)
  • Paint a small red dot using red nail polish, at your eye level on the left side of the doorjamb of your front entryway

Good luck to all!! ~ Renae Bushell


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