Healing Crisis Countdown Twenty Five out Thirty

I am digging deep into the Access Consciousness. It’s amazing what I am learning. I am continue on with “Who does this belong to?” I am having less pain, I am more open and I have more energy for other things. I can focus on things I want to do. I am really learning more on deeper level than I could ever have before.

Day 7: The Gift of Self-Acknowledgement

I read ahead to the next day to have an idea of what’s to come, I started to act now to release the past.


Healing Crisis Countdown Twenty Four out Thirty

Yesterday, I listened to an amazing webinar. I am really getting into the Access Consciousness and it really makes a lot of sense. Since last night I’ve felt different as I just grabbed the phone and made calls with little hesitation or thought like breathing. I am even now I am listening to other webinars about clearing the blocks for money. I am really think in a different way. I am looking forward to a whole new awareness among the other lessons that I am learning on this journey.

Day 6: The Gift of Surrender

Synchronizes is amazing since I’ve begun to release and love myself more, more every day. 


Healing Crisis Countdown Twenty Three out Thirty

Today, I went to the dentist with mom. At least now I know what’s going on with my clipped tooth and there is still time to do something along with six fillings and the removal of my two, top wisdom teeth. I’ve decided long ago that I was going to see the dentist before the New Year, now all I have to do now is the eye doctor and I will be set.

Day 5: The Gift of Reverance

It’s amazing how things just fall into the place as this cleansing day talks about self-care. It really get me think about what I haven’t done for vessel that has been loaned to me by the higher power, but I vow from this moment forward to take good care of it.


Healing Crisis Countdown Twenty Two out Thirty

I’ve created my first dream board today, I had fun focusing my mind of things “I like the feeling of Well-Being that comes with having the items of my dream board.” That is a bit of Abraham-Hicks there talking as I have learned a lot from reading ‘Getting Into the Vortex.’ Day six of being in my vortex.

It’s such a wonderful place to be. I am laughing a lot easier and at myself. I am more conscious of positive thoughts that come and go. It’s a lot easier to think them. I really appreciate being in my vortex. I have no words to truly describe what’s it like unless you feel it yourself. You won’t truly understand.

Day 4: The Gift of Forgiveness

Another step closer to healing and cleansing the toxic within. Everything that has been brought up so far with these past few days I have release to a higher power. It’s my allowance, willingness and receiving of this guidance that is helping me to press for with this healing session to take up the reign of my life in the purest of ways.


Healing Crisis Week Three Day Seven

The last day of my healing crisis week three. Today I got up early to head out to do a little shopping with mom. Only instead of finish up my week with the Well-Being meditation of being in the Vortex.

I decided to changed it to the Financial abundance meditation. During our time out when we found ourselves rushing to the bus stop there were three pennies that seriously came out of the nowhere. Two I picked up and the other was meant for mom as she was stepping on it.

Day 3: The Gift of Release

During this cleansing, I was able to release the toxins that built up with me so long. I drew a picture, in silver wrote out the size, shape, weight, and color. In black ink, I wrote out the prayer that would release it to a higher power to heal and burned it.

I felt another layer of weight lift form my shoulders. Each day since I began little but little the layers that I have surround myself in have begun to lift with the help of angels, guides, light beings everywhere that I helped me through this spiritual evolution in my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Nov 25: Healing Crisis Week Three Day Six

Ever since I began this cleansing during my healing crisis week, I am grateful that it’s helping me push forward and giving me the courage to reach from my goals. To see deep within myself what has keep me stuck for so long.

Day 2: The Gift of Self Awareness

I am amazed at how when combining the Vortex and the 21 day consciousness cleansing practices. How much more open I am about what is taking too much of my time and energy.


Healing Crisis Week Three Day Five

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I slept in today as my body has been going through a great deal of transitions lately and something told me just to stay in bed today and soak in the peace, serenity that sleep offered me before the aroma of turkey swept into my room. Last night I began to read the 21 day consciousness cleanse by Debbie Ford, it was like a the lights that has turned on two years became that much brighter.

Everything I was reading me a whole lot of sense, it’s like find that missing piece of puzzles after months of searching you are about to give up and then all of sudden it turns out of the blue.

Day 1: The Gift of Desire

Things were brought to light, that made me sit up and take noticed that issues that I thought I had put away and forgiven were still sucking me dry of the energy I needed to take action with. I feel the healing I’ve taken through this cleanse in on a much deeper level and so thorough that everything that I have swept under the carpet will be brought out so that I my see it in a different light before I ask my angels to help me heal in ease and comfort.


I am so grateful and thankful for that I am, for all that I will become, for all the people that I have meet and for all the people that I am planning on meeting along the way on this path of growth, love, learning and evolution.