Happy Halloween: About 57 hrs w/out Lights

It has been an incredible two days since early afternoon Saturday 29th the light went out due to the snow storm, now we’ve have plenty of snow storms and this is the first time in the history since I’ve lived here that the lights have gone out. I spent the last two days bunking in my mom’s room to keep warm as much as possible and sleeping mostly. I help my mom shovel snow on Sunday but that all that I was able to do as I couldn’t do much else as my hands we so cold. Inside of the house was worst the outside of it.

Today I got to see the damage the snow storm caused, I show downed branches of trees everywhere as well as trees themselves. And I am not talking about small baby trees no but hefty tree about three hundred years in the ages of course that is a rough estimation. Mom had to stay home from because everything is still out and there is no telling when the power will return at the campus.

I don’t even know if I’ll be able to return to work myself Thursday I am just going to have to wait and see what happens after the 3rd of November. There was a plus to all this, I got to spend quality time with my mom while I was bunked with her in her room while I wasn’t sleep and I was able to get restful, dream filled sleep.

“You are the power in your world! You get to have whatever you choose to think!” – Louise Hay


An Eventful Day

I wanted to head to a shop up the street from here to get a sandwich for lunch tomorrow only things didn’t work out quite the way I expect them to. I discovered late that they closed by four but good news it’s not that far away from my job, I’ll be able to stop me during my lunch get something and come home afterwards. Everything happens for a reason who knows may it was might to play out this way. I am still feeling the after effects of the class and I am really looking forward to setting up an appointment with my AFTherapist in the near future.

This world is but a blank canvas to our imagination ~ Henry David Thoreau


Business Vision Board Class

Another phenomenal class by Nancy! I can still the energy pulsing through me, I didn’t want to leave. It’s a good thing I let work know ahead of time that I would be in late and everything worked out for the best. I complete my board before the class was over and was able to get a batch of wonderful compliments. I merely soak in the calm, warm atmosphere even though I wasn’t presence I still felt included in everything.

I had such a positive experience as well such positive, insightful comments that it will help fuel me for the next couple of months at least or more who knows 😉


Third Extension

I’ve been gifted with an understanding editor who is alright with me pushing back the date for the October 31st to December 2nd. I am working on a little piece each day that I can. I went to bed early only I think that the weather has a great affect on when I get up. I know I woke up when my alarm clock when off this morning only I couldn’t get out of bed it was a little chilly in my room. But I am going to continue on working on day at a time to get myself that much close to getting published now with the next deadline I set for my editor and myself.


Another Chilly Day

Cold days are setting in and I find myself reluctant to get up no earlier that afternoon. I do miss waiting up before everyone else and having hours to myself with little to distract me but my own thoughts. I am trying to find the trick to get up early so I’ve decided to experiment by going to bed early and see if it still has the same effect. I am happy to announce that programming water to help with dream recall has been a big success and I am able to dream everyday with vivid clarity each and every time.

D is for Dare (dare to dream while others don’t).
R is for Relentless (relentlessly pursue your dream no matter what).
E is for Excellence (strive for excellence in all you do).
A is for Abandon (abandon any other alternative plans).
M is for Measure (constantly measure where you are in your dream journey).

-Chris Widener


Writing Day!!!

I got up today a little later than I normally do as I went to bed nearly three in the morning and fell asleep instantly. I was able to complete what I had left of chapter 11 today and complete the add ons all the way up to chapter 16 but I am still working out a couple of things with that chapter. I am hoping to have it completed before the day is done.


Resting Up

I have been slacking lately with my xanga posts, I complete forgot for the past few days since I’ve picked up reading more than anything else. I am attempting to balance my reading and writing but I am really contemplating extending the deadline again for another month. I find that I lose all sense of time when I am reading and it helps to keep me in the moment. Right now that’s what my heart is telling me to do it read.