Day For Writing

Although I started a bit later today to start my writing the things it that I am taking action even now as I type this my fingers are nearly frozen as I try to keep my laptop in attempts to do all the add-ons that I can to do. I don’t want to leave them for later or I will forget what goes where or even where the track of my mind was going with the inspiration I was receiving and still am receiving.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all so I reached out to my editor, sent her the two chapters that were really a challenge due to the amount of information I had to add to them. Things are falling into place nicely around my goal to get published either before or around December 15, 2011. I am even thinking that I will have this all done by the end of this October. I have submitted the deadline changes for Halloween, I find that I am more comfortable with that time frame.

But I am keeping on track as much as I can only that, I’ve even started to look for a writing coach for future projects as well. I dripped my toes in other tools and technique, this is one of those that I would really like to try and see what techniques I will get from them.


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