Hurricane Irene: Wild Winds

Last night we experienced heavy rain that a two block walk became quite the adventure as I got home semi-soaked from work. I am enjoying my day off focusing on me for the pass few hours. Yesterday, I decided to jump in with both my feet and post a proposal for my writing project on Elance, after I posted the ad. I shut off my computer and went about my business forgetting about it by the time I went to bed.

When I awoke this money, I found I had three answers to my ad with two more on the way. The first one really caught my attention, but I read through the others and added them to my watch list so that I would have them for future projects. I’ve already taken action by choosing the editor that will help me with my project and send out a request to pay the editor in small installments. I am waiting on the editor reply.

I am really excited about this as I am moving in the right direction and I am looking forward to the help as I’ve exhausted all the my major resources. I’ve looked for writing group nearby but unfortunately I don’t have a car to get there and some have a membership fee. So it’s really difficult it’s why I’ve turned to a professional editor to help me reach my goal of getting my book completed and ready to be sent out to a publisher by Dec 15, 2011 or I self published it myself.


My family and I were putting away all the money that had flutter from down for the ceiling of the house. The money storm lasted for two days and we carried all the money up that stairs up to the three room which were label share, spend and save. Starting from the far corner started with one dollars in rows of five down to the hundred dollar bills and the room still have plenty of space for more.

It felt like infinite as we carried the money from down stairs up, store them into the right stack which went up the ceiling and yet we more continued to fit as it there was space above us.

Throughout the this time, I didn’t question it as I only felt with gratitude that we will be able live the lifestyle we’ve always wanted while still being able to serve mankind. I felt a weightlessness feeling as I made plans and listed of course I would take as all debt has vanished with the coming storm of money which continues the more we spend it.


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