Healing Crisis Day Thirty

I’ve found that the last few days in my fourth week during the healing crisis is was days of reflection and contemplation. I found myself listen more than actually talking, meditating often and find the stillness in the spaciousness of my life. The best description I have for how I feel is like a fish in the sea but so much more that as living things are interconnected with each other and their surrounds, beyond that to the Universe itself.

It’s amazing how hours breeze by when you stay in the moment and enjoy being with what is. Work went really well as there wasn’t a lot of movement but the hours still flew by. I spent my fifteen minutes break writing in my journal or throughout the day at work while it wasn’t so busy. I added a couple of ideas that popped into my head about the book I would like to get published.

I took every opportunity to write my thoughts while I waited on customer, talking to co-workers and reading. So I got a lot accomplished while I was work I even learn a couple of new tricks on the new registers. Angels have appeared in the form of butterflies, birds and pennies. winky


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