Healing Crisis Day Twenty Nine

Ever since I’ve started to experiment and connected more with the angels that surround me everyday. I’ve found my prayers being answered along with the crystals that help me stayed ground, centered while I am out and about in public. It’s an incredible feeling when feel that you are prayers are being heard immediate and the assurance that you have a team behind you working on it.

Not only that but you also receive inspiration to act on even if its small things like for instead for me I was checking out book measurement for the book I would like to get published. I started to write up book summaries for my book. The trust I have in my team of helpers that goes beyond that I’ve experience with people. It’s blind trust in them guidance, advice and I follow their whispered with little hesitation.

I’ve have a nice group of prayers that I plan to add to my daily ritual now that I’ve read through the chapters that work best at this point in my life. I need to this connection to be able to have confident in the prayers. It’s hard to describe the feeling I get when I reach out to connect with my helper team.


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