Healing Week Three; Day Eighteen

I’ve been taking a considerable amount of action lately with designing the tear off flyers and posting them on bulletins board within walking distance of where I live. I’ve asked the Universe to help me out with a couple of things. I’ve set my intention that I know I can do for the New Moon. All in all, it’s been amazing. Although I do have my ups and downs but I am human things is to not allow those moment to linger or control.

You are in charge of yourself, you can change you mood within seconds as quickly as the negative emotions has appeared it can disappeared. I am the driver of my life, life doesn’t happen to me. I happened to life, I make life happen. I’ve set up my original vision board where I can see, took a picture of it with my phone now I have it as the home screen. I am still wondering where else I can put it where I can see it more often, I have it on my desktop as well. On my facebook. The possibilities are endless.

Since I’ve received my crystals in the mail, I have carried them around with me everywhere I go. They have made a big change in my life. I find myself calm in the sea of chaos that surrounds me. I have been practicing an exercise that helps me stop the internal dialogue that has help me take action when designing my flyers and posting them in areas that I am familiar with.

I’ve restarted the attract wealth mediation until a point I found myself not being able to start it or when I do I am interrupted in the middle of it. So I am planning on starting it from scratch this up coming month. It’s probably the Universe telling me that this month was definitely not the month of that. I have narrowed it down to two meditation in the morning and one meditation at night for the upcoming months.

Paid a set price for my salami and cheese, but the cold cut lady gave me the extra she cut. Yummy! Now I am completely and utterly amazed as I believe I’ve found a site that will help me reach my 86,400.00 dollar mark or beyond that. I am a little hesitate as I’ve tried programs like this in the past and they didn’t really work all the great. This is out of the comfort zone, so I plan to look into it more before I take the leap but this program got a different feeling than the others just like the healing crystals affiliate.

I am taking action and no longer questioning it as I know it’s coming from a higher source then myself and it’s in my best interest.


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