Healing Week Two; Day Eleven: Vision Board Class

This was a phenomenal experience, the atmosphere was calming and soothing despite me being on skype. It was a really eye openers for me on have to create a vision board. I’ve tried once long time ago to make one but it end up merely cluttered with images and ideas. This class brought me a gift of clarity of pinpointing images/words that I am attracted that speak to me on a subconscious level. I am grateful for such an opportunity that was present before me and that I took action to further myself on this path to personal growth and development. And Nancy, the vision board coach, was right when she said that anything is possible.

I was there, even though I was miles away it didn’t feel that way. Now as I set here, my vision board attracts my attention. It has its own sense of life. It’s alive with my dreams and my goals. My desire to honor myself are displayed on this vision board. This class has brought to me a new sense of awareness and power not only in myself but in the pictures that I have chosen. Every time I glaze at my board now, I will feel the life and energy that pulses from it. Thanks to this class, I have a sure path that I want to take and I can only go forward from here.


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