Healing Week Two; Day Eight

Today, I actually thought I was going to melt as the humidity hit me in the face as I stepped out onto the back porch. I’ve noticed since my first healing that the first couple of weeks are always the toughest. But I am hanging in there and I am astonished at how the days have flew by me as I am starting my second week today and I’ve realized that myself just now. I’ve become an affiliate of Healingcrystals.com, I’ve found a way to serve others with the help of this site.

HealingCrystals.com Banner

I’ve often asked myself, how can I serve others? I didn’t get an answer right away, but the Universe heard me and answered me through another friend who create this wonderful masterpiece necklaces with crystals. I’ve been looking for ways to clear and shield myself for the harsh/toxic energy. All because I followed my intuition and the advice for one of the master called El Morya. I searched on my own and found some nice opposition. Then I followed through with my intuition and asked my friend if she might know of any crystals that I use to help shield myself for other energies. I’ve taken the necessary steps to clear and shield myself for the harsh/toxic energy.


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