Healing Week One; Day Seven

Heatwave City! But I pulled through, got my exercise in despite the heat and drank plenty of water. Spent time away from home for awhile, collecting my thoughts. I’ve experience opinions has clashed but I am able to look deeper than what is on the surface to analyze why certain situations trouble me. Sometimes I find myself drowning, overwhelmed with the emotions that arise from each situation but after I meditate I am able to sit back and see the situations with a whole new sense of clarity than before when the vision was clouded.

Slowly, but surely I am find more crystals that I could use to clear and shield my energy from the harsh/toxic energy that floats around me everyday now I am down to choosing which crystals would benefit me the most at this point in my life. I’ve been introduced to a awesome sites that has crystals for cheap so I’ll be able to afford them which is always good.

I find that I am not much in a talkative mood today, I believe the Universe is probably giving me a sign to merely listen 😉

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