Healing Week One; Day Four

I was able to get away from the house for a while and it benefit more that I thought it would. I was able to relax without feeling like I should feel on edge about who is going to come into my room when I am meditating. I was able to complete all my meditation with little interrupts as possible, I am getting back on track with keeping myself in the moment.

Despite waking up early, I was able to nap along with the pup and I got my thirty minutes of exercise in as well. I didn’t have much trouble with Snowball, nipping wise once I tried him out all he did was sleep. I got some writing in as well. I’ve searching for a professional editor to help me with my manuscript, but it’s a bit of challenge considering I have a decision to make save money for a laptop or save money for a professional editor.

Each one has their pros and cons so I am still on the fence about both, but I know the answering are coming my way. I just got let it go and with the help of the Universe I’ll have my answers. But the oddest thing happened, the Vision Board Coach emailed me today to let me know she won’t be able to do a session when we have original planned do a class she is taking.

It was a last minute thing, but I think its the Universe trying to prepare for session with her so it was pushed back to next Monday. I am really excited about this because finally I’ll have some sort of guide to follow when I fly solo for making my own vision board in the future.


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