Healing Week Three; Day Eighteen

I’ve been taking a considerable amount of action lately with designing the tear off flyers and posting them on bulletins board within walking distance of where I live. I’ve asked the Universe to help me out with a couple of things. I’ve set my intention that I know I can do for the New Moon. All in all, it’s been amazing. Although I do have my ups and downs but I am human things is to not allow those moment to linger or control.

You are in charge of yourself, you can change you mood within seconds as quickly as the negative emotions has appeared it can disappeared. I am the driver of my life, life doesn’t happen to me. I happened to life, I make life happen. I’ve set up my original vision board where I can see, took a picture of it with my phone now I have it as the home screen. I am still wondering where else I can put it where I can see it more often, I have it on my desktop as well. On my facebook. The possibilities are endless.

Since I’ve received my crystals in the mail, I have carried them around with me everywhere I go. They have made a big change in my life. I find myself calm in the sea of chaos that surrounds me. I have been practicing an exercise that helps me stop the internal dialogue that has help me take action when designing my flyers and posting them in areas that I am familiar with.

I’ve restarted the attract wealth mediation until a point I found myself not being able to start it or when I do I am interrupted in the middle of it. So I am planning on starting it from scratch this up coming month. It’s probably the Universe telling me that this month was definitely not the month of that. I have narrowed it down to two meditation in the morning and one meditation at night for the upcoming months.

Paid a set price for my salami and cheese, but the cold cut lady gave me the extra she cut. Yummy! Now I am completely and utterly amazed as I believe I’ve found a site that will help me reach my 86,400.00 dollar mark or beyond that. I am a little hesitate as I’ve tried programs like this in the past and they didn’t really work all the great. This is out of the comfort zone, so I plan to look into it more before I take the leap but this program got a different feeling than the others just like the healing crystals affiliate.

I am taking action and no longer questioning it as I know it’s coming from a higher source then myself and it’s in my best interest.


Healing Week Three; Day Sixteen

It has been a very quick day as I was only dog sitting till one in the afternoon and I was able to get another meditation in as well before heading out to do a little food shopping along with renting a movie or two.

I am really contemplating on dog sitting for much long as my other job will pick up soon and I am not sure how I’ll be able to juggle it all yet. I am concerned with the jumping and nipping I have been receiving since I started and it was also brought to my attention that Snowball only acts towards me that way.

No one else, so I decided to do some research of why he does it and what I found was really interesting. That’s only dogs play is with there mouths, but even with this information I never blamed the dog from anything. It’s the owners responsibility to take control of how their dogs act.

If the human isn’t in control the dog with become the dominate of the house. I would like to continue to dog sit but its starting to become to much for me to handle and on top of that not being able to correct him as I might give offend to someone else. So in the end I become the dog’s punching bag in the end.

But I know giving up is easy, I am planning to find someway to over come this obstacle and find my way without offending anyone or making people upset with my actions.


Healing Week Two; Day Fourteen

It’s been a busy last couple of days. Tomorrow I start my third week of the healing process, ever since the Vision Board Class. Things have gotten that much easier. It’s simply amazing, I’ve gone as far as posting the picture of my own vision board on my facebook and desktop of my laptop. I’ve received my crystals today, I felt like I was making a potion as I put them into a nice velvety blue bag. I feel the affects of them as soon as I started to bring them all together. I’ve been working on a flyer for the Healingcrystals. com affiliate but now I have some idea of how I want it to look now that I’ve got my package from them.


Healing Week Two; Day Eleven: Vision Board Class

This was a phenomenal experience, the atmosphere was calming and soothing despite me being on skype. It was a really eye openers for me on have to create a vision board. I’ve tried once long time ago to make one but it end up merely cluttered with images and ideas. This class brought me a gift of clarity of pinpointing images/words that I am attracted that speak to me on a subconscious level. I am grateful for such an opportunity that was present before me and that I took action to further myself on this path to personal growth and development. And Nancy, the vision board coach, was right when she said that anything is possible.

I was there, even though I was miles away it didn’t feel that way. Now as I set here, my vision board attracts my attention. It has its own sense of life. It’s alive with my dreams and my goals. My desire to honor myself are displayed on this vision board. This class has brought to me a new sense of awareness and power not only in myself but in the pictures that I have chosen. Every time I glaze at my board now, I will feel the life and energy that pulses from it. Thanks to this class, I have a sure path that I want to take and I can only go forward from here.


Healing Week Two; Day Eleven

It’s seems the Universe is trying to tell me something as every time I try to rest up. I get pulled away either I have to do something or go somewhere. I know the answers will come, but it’s go me wondering as lately I haven’t been meditating four times a day like I normally do and I miss being calm, rested. I noticed that I don’t get agitated when I am meditating more often. The good thing is that I have the Vision Board Class today and I am really looking forward to it.

I am pushing myself to get home before four o’clock today because I have no intention of missing this class. I’ve been so busy that I forgot to check my email yesterday and I missed something for the class. I am hoping to get here before noon or a little afternoon to prepare myself and do the exercise. I know I wanted to keep busy but not so busy that I don’t have time for me and my personal objectives.


Healing Week Two; Day Eight

Today, I actually thought I was going to melt as the humidity hit me in the face as I stepped out onto the back porch. I’ve noticed since my first healing that the first couple of weeks are always the toughest. But I am hanging in there and I am astonished at how the days have flew by me as I am starting my second week today and I’ve realized that myself just now. I’ve become an affiliate of, I’ve found a way to serve others with the help of this site. Banner

I’ve often asked myself, how can I serve others? I didn’t get an answer right away, but the Universe heard me and answered me through another friend who create this wonderful masterpiece necklaces with crystals. I’ve been looking for ways to clear and shield myself for the harsh/toxic energy. All because I followed my intuition and the advice for one of the master called El Morya. I searched on my own and found some nice opposition. Then I followed through with my intuition and asked my friend if she might know of any crystals that I use to help shield myself for other energies. I’ve taken the necessary steps to clear and shield myself for the harsh/toxic energy.


Healing Week One; Day Seven

Heatwave City! But I pulled through, got my exercise in despite the heat and drank plenty of water. Spent time away from home for awhile, collecting my thoughts. I’ve experience opinions has clashed but I am able to look deeper than what is on the surface to analyze why certain situations trouble me. Sometimes I find myself drowning, overwhelmed with the emotions that arise from each situation but after I meditate I am able to sit back and see the situations with a whole new sense of clarity than before when the vision was clouded.

Slowly, but surely I am find more crystals that I could use to clear and shield my energy from the harsh/toxic energy that floats around me everyday now I am down to choosing which crystals would benefit me the most at this point in my life. I’ve been introduced to a awesome sites that has crystals for cheap so I’ll be able to afford them which is always good.

I find that I am not much in a talkative mood today, I believe the Universe is probably giving me a sign to merely listen 😉