Healing Period Day Thirty: Last Day of the Month

I was able to meditate at least three times a day to keep my calm, clear and collective. I am amazed how staying in the moment makes the day breeze by as if they were seconds instead of hours. I sometime fall back into the habit of getting bored, but bored is just another sign of my returning to the state of being. I am only acting when it resonates with me, I haven’t written anything creative in days but it isn’t because I’ve lost my creativity it’s only because I am waiting and being patient. I am learning a lot in this passed few weeks. I am looking forward to the follow up with my energy healer.


Healing Period Day Twenty Nine

I couldn’t believe the amount of interested while I was trying to get through my meditations. I am learning a lot for the three meditations that I’ve started to do, I’ve even started to make notes of days I’ve my meditations and projects just to keep track of all my activities. I am starting to find events either the day before they start or a week before they start. Lucky break, but a today was a day of distraction. I am proud of myself that I pushed through and got two of my meditations done. I have one more before going to bed and I only realized I am going to food shopping to a 24 hour supermarket.


Healing Period Week Four; Day Twenty Eight: Last Day

I’ve been meditating more often now and I find the message I’ve receive in my oracle cards are synchronicity with what the visions I see during my meditation. I am getting use to appreciating and enjoying my bouts of nothingness as I’ve found that it’s not laziness but another from of recharging my batteries to help return to the state of being a lot quicker. And it’s actually working I’ve put it to the test many times and I’ve been able to go through the phase of creation cycle many time during the day. No matter how small the idea it turns into action and later manifest whether I am writing in my journal or looking on the internet for something. I didn’t realized that through out the day you often manifesting your ideas as long as you follow through with the actions and use the energy given to you by the Divine.

“Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement; then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster, and fling him out to the public.” ~Winston Churchill~


Healing Period Week Four; Day Twenty Four

I’ve started to healing period out and about instead of resting and relaxing like I wanted to. I’ve been highly irritable due to the lack of relaxing. I’ve made a list of top priority mp3 from brain sync and I am looking forward to downloading them onto my computer. Wednesday I wasn’t able to do much of anything, but I did burn two Cd for my daily meditations. I swapped out music from my cellphone. I finished my note taking for yesterday. I realized that there are benefit for waking up at 8 o’clock in the morning. I have light to do everything I need only that I am not on the laptop much do to the fact that it overheats if I am on it for more than ten minutes. I’ve started to listen to a Sanskrit chant that will help me with the forty day projects for manifesting a 5D Earth. I’ve learn how to feel into my ideas and which better suits me to work on. All thanks to The Intuitive Guide. Now all I have to do is in-cooperate what I’ve learn into my daily life. Also I wanted to get use to writing my first thoughts down as they have a strong vibrations than the washed down second and third thoughts. I’ve already in-cooperated many healthy habits since I’ve started this journey and I am looking forward to adding more. I am so grateful and thankful now that I am asking for I want and thanks to the art of learning how to wait. I receive what’s in my best interest to have.


Healing Period Week Three, Day Twenty One: Summer Solstice

Today was first day of dog-sitting, and I am grateful to get out of the house. It was a nice change of atmosphere. I was able to get a nice nap in before going out for another walk with Snowball. I was introduced to a really interesting meditation, I started to listen to it right away and I do it every chance I have to waste time in a positive manner. I spaced out for the last two hours until I can back to consciousness when my phone went off. It was a really eventful day, very productive too. I got some reading done. Didn’t do much in the area of writing expect for in my journal. Something is something at least. I am going to looking into way of wasting time positively instead of negatively.

I am so excited that I am see results in for the meditation I started on Sunday. I am getting paid minimum wage, hourly for dog sitting once a week. I am so grateful and thankful for the person who introduced me to this meditation, not only that I am seeing results right away. But I also have noticed that during that time that I was dog sitting something was going on at home that I am glad I wasn’t there to get hit with the vibrations that must have been running rampage around the house. That only happened because something happened with the dining room my sister in law got and she had to go to the place, to pick another one. So I got home after everything blow over.

I am so proud of myself, that despite not having TV or internet. I was able to keep myself busy with little things around the apartment. I noticed that today is the last day to my healing period week three. I am amazed that the last two hours I was there, I completely spaced out and was able to find stillness until my phone went off. I remember bits and pieces of the day, but the rest was like a dream. All in all, it was an awesome day.


Healing Period Week Three, Day Seventeen

I am finding more and more stillness in my meditation everyday. I am focusing on my receptiveness to others emotions and vibrations. Especially those who are closest to me. I am constantly putting up my shield up to keep myself from reacting on their emotions because majority emotions that someone feeling its there own. You don’t know how empathic you are until you become physical sick with the negative vibrations that hit you everyday. I am only grateful that I’ve begun looking into techniques that keep me from become physical sick from those vibrations. It’s a work in process but anything that I do something at least be done well. I am confident that I’ll find that method that better suits me and my higher self to protect against this vibrations, but for now I am following the guide from beyond the stars asking me to rest, relax and be patience. My body knows best how to respond to upgrades in my Akashic records.


Healing Period Week Three, Day Fifteen

Everything is going remarkable well this week, mind you its only the first day of the three week but I am don’t feel as exhausted, irritable or high strung like last week. I am learning the art of being patient and waiting out my healing period. I am taking into account my intuition and checking in with it every chance I get. I am choosing now to follow my intuition and I know it will lead me to the straight and narrow. I am been given many tools since I’ve started to dissolve the blocks that have keep me from my personal growth. I know not where my intuition will take me but I plan to trust it and allow it to take me where it will.