April PAD Challenge Day 6

Don’t follow the dictations of society;
instead follow the beatings of your own heart.

Don’t follow the dictations of society, as you’ll
find yourself in a dark abyss so deep that all else
seems hopeless.

Don’t follow the dark melody of scarcity, you’ll
find yourself buried deep within your own misery.
Don’t follow ego or you’ll end up an endless maze
with no exit.

When sight is colored only in black and white, listen
to your heart. Color will bled through and you’ll start
to live life to the fullest. You will see joy where there
once despair.

You’ll feel love where hatred resided. Hope will blossom
on a plane that was barren wasteland. Light will chase
away the shadows of doubt to replace it with faith in the

Stand strong when other thinks you are crazy. Face fear
with love when others would coward. While others are
doing what is expect of them. You are creating the reality
you want to live.

Live life to the fullest, experience the wonders of miracles,
love unconditional and know that you are not alone in this
world. We are all one on a much deeper lever than we can


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