Good Day!

I wrote two pages worth of detail from the dream that I had early this morning. I am getting in the habit of writing down whatever I can remember from my dreams, whether it be two words or a couple of sentences it’s well worth it in the long run. I believe my excitement is due to the fact that I encountered my twin flame yet again in this dream, but I find that the theme is always the same we are on two different sides of a conflict and it’s wrong from us to be with one another yet when we are finally together nothing else matters.I am practicing on keeping my perceptions and observations from being tainted by judgmental thoughts. I’ve practice only a little in this field and I found that it makes life simple somehow. I continue to walk to the path of growth, evolution and knowledge towards my spiritual awakening. I’ve found that I have a path with no end and that’s how life should be. Goals are wonderful things as long as they are what you want to do and what you love to do. But a path shouldn’t have an end as life its is never-ending. If there was an end, your life won’t have much meaning but I am grateful that life has no end and that I follow a path with no end. That my life doesn’t have to end once I reach my destination beyond the horizon as there is more to explore and discover of myself. Life doesn’t end after you’ve reach your spiritual awakening as there are levels upon levels to which I am looking forward to ascend to one day. Of course this is only a matter of my opinion, it is what I have discovered on this journey and everyone’s journey of self discovery is different. We as people are different it would be a very boring world if we weren’t pleased


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