Growing, Evolving and Learning

Exploring my Skype account, watching the tutorial videos a few times to make sure I know what I am doing. I read over Valerie’s site a few times and I am looking forward to the sessions with her. I haven’t done the session with her yet and I feel that it’s promising. That it will help me out more than I can do myself. I’ve been entertaining my family that have could up from FL and there is more to come in the next couple of weeks. So we are going to have a full house, I am relaxing and meditating while I still have some silence to work with. I’ve started my detoxification yesterday, it’s been going wonderfully. I am reading more, doing direct writing and going over old passage in the books I’ve gotten with new eyes as I am not the same person I was when I started reading. I’ve been going through a lot of changes and it’s been happening one after another. I am accepting the changes as they happen, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and disconcerting at times. The Path of the Soul card deck has helped me out a lot with there message and oddly enough there support. I feel the support through the messages I read and the fractal pictures that have a vibration of their own.


Game Ideas

I decided to add the abundance checks with the Magickal bank account game. I’ve looked up the Feng Shui tips in my Financial Freedom Group. For this summer, I am going to pick up where I left off this past wintertime when I started to clean out the clutter now I want to help my mom out with her. I am going invest a paper shredder and blackout to help get rid of everything that making the air in the house stale.


Interesting Day

So far it’s been six days since I started to play the Magickal Bank Account game, today I had two pages worth of spending. That’s only because I started to look up biofeedback, tricycle and biofeedback machines. I also added my older brother’s multimedia equipment and computers. I was able to spend the majority with only $54.01 leftover to spend on the milk and water. With my older brother’s laundry list of things, I know I’ll be able to spend more and ever since I started to play this game I’ve forgotten about my grandma. That’s only because I have no idea what to get her, but my mom has given me a wonderful idea to help my grandma out with her things. I’ve started doing the poetry prompts little by little and did two more critiques that I didn’t do yesterday. I have two more to do, but I’ll am going to have my critiques done before the new lesson comes on this Wednesday. I am excited as I am going to get to my Path to the Soul cards sometime this week and I have a whole week to myself as well. I am looking forward to doing everything that I can in one day. Every day that pass, I improve I am not the same person that I was when I woke or the same person I was just a few minutes go. Every second I am changing, evolving and growth to better suit my higher self.


April PAD Challenge Day 6

Don’t follow the dictations of society;
instead follow the beatings of your own heart.

Don’t follow the dictations of society, as you’ll
find yourself in a dark abyss so deep that all else
seems hopeless.

Don’t follow the dark melody of scarcity, you’ll
find yourself buried deep within your own misery.
Don’t follow ego or you’ll end up an endless maze
with no exit.

When sight is colored only in black and white, listen
to your heart. Color will bled through and you’ll start
to live life to the fullest. You will see joy where there
once despair.

You’ll feel love where hatred resided. Hope will blossom
on a plane that was barren wasteland. Light will chase
away the shadows of doubt to replace it with faith in the

Stand strong when other thinks you are crazy. Face fear
with love when others would coward. While others are
doing what is expect of them. You are creating the reality
you want to live.

Live life to the fullest, experience the wonders of miracles,
love unconditional and know that you are not alone in this
world. We are all one on a much deeper lever than we can


Quiet Day

It was a calm day only for it being so slow at work, I am exhausted by the end of my shift I had to sit down my legs were become jelly. Day three of the Magickal Bank Account that was introduced to me by a group. My wants are really small compared to that of my family members, I didn’t even get around making my own house yet. I started reading another book by Penney Pierce. The activities will be a wonderful addition to my journal entries as I am as looking for more things to add to it. The book itself is a wonderful addition to my ever increasing library of self-growth, evolutions and knowledge.


A Day Full of Surprises!

After another day of walking, I came home a decided to try my hand at this game called Magical Bank Account. I gather everything I would buy including donation to organization. It took up at least two pages worth of transaction. It was really exciting. I was able to pick up two more shifts at work before the summer hours start. Someone emailed me to my surprise and was interested in helping me with one of my projects. I am looking forward to their feedback and suggestions. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find someone who can help out since my other beta reader has been MIA for a while and hasn’t answered any of my emails. I am worried that something might be up, but I am going to stay positive and hope that I will heard from her soon. Three heads are better than one, I think winky