Today, I am going to look over ‘The Masquerade.’ A story that has been pleading with me to complete and yet I still have no idea how to end it. All story need a good idea and it’s been going on for a five years not to mention that I also have a Inuyasha Fanfiction that I haven’t been able to complete either. Where oh where has my muse gone this time? Lol. But I am determined to finish all my writing in process before I even think about started anything else. I guess you call it one of my pet peeves unfinished/abandoned stories really irritate me especially if there really good. Oh why do you tease me! Or if the story starts good and ends cheaply other pet peeves. You know I don’t have that many. For now signing off šŸ˜‰ with this quote. “A book is a bunch of chapters. A chapter is a lot of paragraphs, a paragraph is a few sentences. Don’t write a book, write a sentence; but write it many, many times. One sentence at a time. Direct your energies to writing one sentence, one sentence only; and the project will take care of itself. A brick building is built one brick at a time.” ~ Burt Goldman



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