Progress Report

Top Priority: The Maiden & The Dragon

  • Waiting on beta reader for chapters 9 and on

On Hiatus Until Further Notice

  • The Return of Rinsei: A Yuumei’s Sacrifice
  • The Masquerade
  • Heaven & Hell

Planning Stages

  • Capture (original)
  • Escape (original)
  • Surprise (original) Title to be changed
  • Duke Wolfbane’s Mate (original)
  • Hellboy FF Untitled
  • The Secret of the Moors (Hellsing)
  • The Secret Beneath the Sea (FF or Original???)
  • The Dark Elemental (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Swat Katz: Work In Progress


  • How to think like Leonardo DaVinci: Seven Steps to Genius by Michael J. Gelb (phenomenal read and high recommended for those who would to keep journals everyday, this will give a few ideas on how to fill those daunting page)


Author’s Note: This can be found in the 90th Anniversary Edition of 2011 Writer’s Market by Writer’s Digest Books


Author’s Note: Found this through one of my writer friends’ facebook and talking about facebook check my latest addiction ‘Dragons of Atlantis.’ It would have to be one of the best games that was able to hook me when I first played it.

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