Progress Report: Whirlwind Adventures

The Return of Rinsei: A Yuumei’s Sacrifice

  • Writing In Progress: Chapter 2

The Maiden & The Dragon

  • Cut Out Chapter 1 to 4
  • Total Chapters 37 (missed counted :D)
  • Finished Character Worksheet for Kira
  • Working on bring my character Kira to life
  • Working on fixing the information from chapter 1 to 4 into other chapters.

The Masquerade

  • Looking for beta reader for Acts 1to 5
  • Working on Act 6

Heaven & Hell

  • On Hiatus

Planning Stages

  • Capture (original)
  • Escape (original)
  • Surprise (original) Title to be changed
  • Duke Wolfbane’s Mate (original)
  • Hellboy FF Untitled
  • The Secret of the Moors (Hellsing)
  • The Secret Beneath the Sea (FF or Original???)
  • The Dark Elemental (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Swat Katz: Work In Progress

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