Progress Report

The Last Guardian

  • Prologue has been written, now working on Chapter 1
  • Began to research more information
  • Changing some character names & places
  • Add more treasures/weapons
  • Contemplating changing the time period
  • Planning some major rewrites to this story

The Maiden & The Dragon

  • Beta Reading In Progress
  • Needs to be clean up/polished
  • Began working on getting it published

The Masquerade

  • Began outline for Act 6
  • Type it up
  • Polished
  • Upload it on

Heaven & Hell

  • Need to complete the rewrites
  • Contemplating sequel

Planning Stages

  • Capture (original)
  • Escape (original)
  • Surprise (original) Title to be changed
  • Duke Wolfbane’s Mate (original)
  • Hellboy FF Untitled
  • The Secret of the Moors (Hellsing)
  • The Secret Beneath the Sea (FF or Original???)
  • The Dark Elemental (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Author’s Note: I am returning to my search for a beta reader for some stories that I am stumped on.