Progress Report: Writer’s Drought

Author’s Note: September 17 is the two month marker since I’ve been unable to write a single word on any of my stories.I AM not going to abandon any of my stories now and I DO plan to complete them. As of right now so many things are going on my head that it’s not easy to focus on anything else. I’ll be back and I’ll be working with avenge to complete my stories as well as my school work, as well as get back to practicing my reviewing. Enjoying the internet while it lasts as I don’t know when I’ll be next online to update my journal. The internet where I am is like gambling you’ll never know when you’ll win something. I’ve been catching up on my reading it’ll see me through this drought. Hopefully this won’t go pass three months and I’ll be back to typing furiously on my laptop.

Focus Will Be On After Drought:

  • Completing Masquerade
  • Completing Last Guardian
  • Complete/ Polish The Maiden & The Dragon
  • Complete Rewrites for Heaven & Hell. Contemplating Sequel