Black Friday: Progress Report

The dread day of days, one which I wasn’t really interested in working and I had to work *sigh* consequences of today are the fact that I can’t really feel my legs or feet. I feel like I am walking on jello.

The Last Guardian

  • Chapter 18 still in the planning stages and haven’t really been able to put anything down on paper yet

The Masquerade

  • Haven’t been able to complete the rewrite for Act 3 but some unexpected events have develop which mean it going to take me longer to write the remaining acts.

Hellboy Fanfiction

  • This story is still in it’s developing stages and doesn’t have a proper title as of right now.

Heaven and Hell

  • It’s still a rewrite in progress.
  • Will be broken up into chapters.
  • Planning to post a voting poll on fanfiction profile to see whether I should like it as a fanfic or change into an original story. Depending on results from the poll I’ll debate whether to or not to change it.

My main focus for right now will be completing “The Last Guardain.” This story have been in development for the five years and like all stories it must come to an end. But no worries I don’t plan on rushing through this story it will end the way it started with enthusiasm. Keep your fingers crossed.

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