Progress Report

The Maiden and The Dragon

  • Posted the revision version on my fictionpress profile

The Masquerade

  • Working on rewritten version of Act 2┬áScene 1 revisions

Heaven and Hell

  • Revision still in progress

Progress Report

  • Jun 22: Started revision for Heaven and Hell
  • Jun 24: Posted revisioned prologue for The Last Guardian

  • Jun 22: Posted the revisioned Act 1 for The Masquerade

– Still working on revisioning chapter 2 of the Maiden and Dragon (needs a beta reader)
– Almost done with revisions to The Masquerade Act 2

  • Jun 6: To my fellow readers I’ve posted a poll for anyone who would like to vote on the chats in The Masquerade will be up until the July 6th
  • Jun 11: Finished rewritting Act 1 for The Masquerade and will be posting after my reviewing session is over on Jun 16