A Constant Changing World

A Constant Changing World

Years tick by like hands on a clock.
Things began to change over the
years as life itself starts to evolve.

Winter to Spring
Summer to Fall

Endless seasons that witness the
changes of man. As more and more
forests start to disappear and animals
start to loses their homes.

A change that did not benefit Mother
Earth. Earthquake shatter the ground
beneath mankind’s feet. Cracking earth
devouring the homes above. Leaving
many people in despair.

Cold to Hot

Dormant volcanes come alive after
years of rest. Endless lava flows
through the villages below, eatting
up whatever it touches.

Surprising tsunamis arise and tearing
placing from beneath the feet of many
people. Leaving behind devastation and

Wet to Dry

Floods running wild in the streets where
rivers once flowed. Wild storms hit land as
forest began to catch fire. Tornado rip
throught forests as everything is sucked
up into a vortex.

Where houses once stood, now lay nothing
more than empty plains. Nothing remains
after the devastation hits, but where there
is death it seems that some sort of life follows.


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