The Facade Is Over

The Facade Is Over

You played the victim game very well.
You had me going for a short time, believing
your words to be sincere. I believed in your
words, only for you to contradict yourself.

You disrespect my ways and my beliefs. I
once trusted you to respect them, but you did
not. You wanted something more than just
friendship, but I never had such feelings.

I never said we could be anything more than
just friends. Friends do not lie to each other.
You played me like a puppet on a string, but
now I know your game.

I thank you for this lesson much learned. You
were no more the shining knight than you were
a gentleman. I thank the stars that I caught the
signs in time.

Your controlling, domineering, and possessive
ways aren’t for the ones who are wild as the wind
and fierce as a storm.


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