Kitty Take Over

It’s been a week since a friend brought over a kitty. I glad to see that my cat doesn’t try to eat her. They may get into fight every now and then but that’s about it. She sleeps mostly in my parents room and when they go to work. I bring her into my room to watch her so that she isn’t cause to much mischief about the house. She just a little ball of energy. She plays with everything anything. She ever climbs on top my laptop when I am typing up some of my stories. She even deleted something I had written the horror of it all. I don’t have to watch them as much now as I did before. They starting to get use to one another which I really happy about. So yeah…anyway this weather has been something else. It’s gonna be raining all this week. Of it’s not that I don’t like the rain, but I would really have enjoyed going out for one of my late night walks with Josh. If not this week there always next week. Turkey day is just around the corner. I am counting down the days till the big bird day but until then I’ll keep myself busy with my writing projects and my online classes that I have slacking off on. Later.


Writer’s Block Over???

I finally started writing again but I don’t want to count my chicks before they hatch. I am gonna enjoy the time I do have to see if I can finish up those stories I have on hold. But I can say this much I finally up loaded my poem on this were cool poetry site. After Halloween’s event I feel so much better. I finally was able to get lifted a burden that has be on my shoulder for some time now.  Any who…some many things to do so little time to do them in. Later.